songs from the album white noise (2018)
1) “nemesis in view”
these gifts child wake now wont you journey through
take care and beware the dangers passers few
who claim their light faith feather you must choose
birthright all life lives equally to you
nemesis in view

2) “aqua knight”
open your eyes welcome to our world the beauty all around us
like the ocean painted sky created for adventure of a storybook design
watching the crows pray to the architect of life
ahh ahh ohh this is an echo before here the groves
and all the messages unseen but i hear them all

3) “perihelion”
in the blinking waters of our perfect soul
and the tumbling harvest tends to fill us all
if its equal shape like the storys told
let me give you something thats worth more than gold
its love unites us all our hearts alone decide
are you waiting for me cause im standing before you
is there time enough to spend do i even have a clue
in the timelessness theres one it keeps coming back to you

4) “see through soul”
we had a great time on the winged one galloping over stars
we had a name for the journey at the centers edge
glory came and sang at the footsteps rising like juniper
from the earthen cave fly

5) “missing time part one”
caught in the vacuum of space and oh what a view
to where my mind escapes on this arcturus afternoon
ill learn to navigate myself as im flying from moon to moon
just then i saw jupiter wink with paul revere eyes
and a palpitating heart eluding his disquise
a flash of remembering at the center of my cells navigating spirit
a flight where ive been before
while i was missing time i was missing you
im so glad to see you

6) “darling boy”
been on this quest for some time and im still here climbing to you
approaching the top and cheering for youdarling boy my heart is swelling with pride
this world will try and push you its people will try to school you
one thing you must remember be true to you

7) “silver and stone”
peering in through a window there was so much to see
a jungle clear river a tiger cleaning her teeth
and the web of entangled trees and its creatures within
breathe me in like the air will you breathe me out too?
silver and stone silver and stone
this change that seems fearsome is meant to awake
the tireless dreaming of various styles
seeds planted take root peace of mind grows high
our hearts are weighed to the feather fly or sink like a stone
silver and stone

8) “one daisy later”
one daisy later i dont want to hear about it oh no
i just want to sing one daisy later i just want to sing freedom a song
i just want to see you again now youre flying next to the lion in the sky
never knew what would come of it now my heads spinning wildly
one daisy later my brother he said to me i dont know i dont owe you a thing
my heart aches my legs shake i just want to see you again my pretty little hummingbird one daisy later one daisy later one daisy later one daisy later
my father says igot the message ill send it to heaven today
and im over here singing one daisy later

9) “ptolemys bridge (lavender key)”
ptolemy had something to do the lavender key was like a clue he found
came to a bridge and decided to cross woe to find all hopes not lost
evening sun sirius star
where he stood the day he said i will return before the day
enclosed are questions to the source ocean womb that lies ahead carry them afar

10) “temple of elegance”silent beauty in its purest form
timelines shifting like a train thats going home
for the greatest good so misunderstood feel the jungle rain on your temple of elegance
between the trees i see lightning striking nothing but wind
be so grateful not to misuse the angel feathered pen
for the greatest good so misunderstood
feel the jungle rain on your temple of elegance
soft spoken woman like a flower in the desert wildly dancing like a thunderbird
on a cloudy day on your temple shade

11) “butterfly Religion”
through fields of infinite time in retrospect the quiet began to sing
like distant whispers with my highest self beside the growling wind
she sang a song of peace said away with the creatures
what animates the tide? watch cycles strumming time
like a butterfly religion freedom is the mission
like a butterfly religion freedom is our mission

12) “underwater neptune”

13) “afterworld”
in our collective holy dream we can create anything
water the garden while it grows watch in awe as it blooms
if we all aim higher to see beyond the veils disquise
will we spend forever after in a state of love of war
what happens in the afterworld we go colliding back to/as one
what happens in the afterworld we go colliding back as one

14) “white noise”
opened up my eyes awoke from a dream
made a note of it as the day began to sing
i was tying up the laces of my worn out boots
to elevate alongside the midnight mountain woods
climb upwards to shine your light oh
when you sing you build a bridge through time
white noise white nose
our choice your choice
white noise white noise
one source one voice
dont hide your beauty calling from your soul
starchild we celebrate you
dont hide your spark you cant anyway